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Trademark strategy

TRADEMARKSTRATEGY Trademarks are frequently identified and filed purely intuitively. In most cases there is no precise idea of the scope of protection, enforceability and usage requirement.



PATENTSTRATEGY Inventions are frequently filed for patents or utility models without any clear plan. In most cases, there is no precise idea of what is to be accomplished with the property right.


About us

The founders Whilst studying geology and geophysics at the Technical University of Clausthal and RWTH Aachen, Christoph Kayser worked on geophysical and geochemical projects on the prospecting and exploration of organic deposits and after obtaining his degree, moved to the Institute for Oil Research at the Technical University of Clausthal and was involved in a…



The history The firm was established in 1992 by Christoph Kayser in Hamm/Westfalia on a so-called greenfield site. The firm was well-known in the region on account of its teaching activity stretching over some 10 years at the Gesamthochschule Paderborn, Soest Department. Following continuous growth and some spectacular trademark proceedings, the firm merged with the…